Upcoming Invited Talks

January 25, 2018 La Nuit Des Idées, French Embassy of Canada/Hart House at Art Museum, University of Toronto

February 12, 2018 Control Societies Speaker Series, University of Pennsylvania-Annenberg, Philadelphia

June 5-7, 2018 Keynote for Temporal Belongings International Conference, Edinburgh

Invited Talks

September 21 2017 Paul Attallah Lecture, Carleton University, Ottawa “Exit and the Mechanical Mom”

October 12/13, 2017 Keynote for Re-Fig 2017 Conference, Edmonton

November 30-December 2, 2017: 1948 Technosphere Unbound, Haus der Kulturen der Welt: HKW, Berlin

August 10 2017 In the Meantime No Exit, Planetary Futures Summer Institute with Milieux Research Lab, Concordia, Montreal

March 23 2017, “Exit Media” Media Studies Speaker Series at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

January 31st 2017, Exit and the Extensions of Man Transmediale, The Marshall McLuhan Lecture at the Canadian Embassy, Berlin

September 16-18 2016, A Moving Inventory of Exits, Blackwood Gallery Mississauga

2016 June 3-4 “Do Not Enter, This is not an Exit: Sexodus and the Gig Economy” Digital Bauhaus Summit, Weimar Germany

2016 March 11/12 Hardwired Temporalities, McGill University, Montreal 

2015 November 16 Ambivalence Symposium, USC Annenberg “Ambivalent Exits”

2015 November 6 Keynote Feminism Here and Now Conference, UNC-Chapel Hill “Exit Strategies: Between Exodus and the Politics of Care”

2015 May 15 Societies of Speed Workshop, London School of Economics “Of Taxis and TaskRabbits: Speed Traps and the Labour of Care”

2014 November 22 My Creativity Sweatshop 2.0, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam “Creativity, Feminism, Serendipity”

2014 October 7 Book Talk for In the Meantime at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

2014 September 22 The 2014 Social Thought Lecture, Pennsylvania State University, “How to Do Time: A Temporal Politics”

2014 June 9 North Carolina Governor’s School East “Plugging Into the Hive Mind: Collaboration and Privacy in the Digital Age”

2014 May 28-30 Keynote Speaker, Temporal Design Workshop at the University of Edinburgh School of Art and Department of Informatics

2014 May 12 Durham County, North Carolina Public Library Humanities Series In the Meantime Book Talk

2014 April 30-May 1 Alice Kaplan Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Northwestern University, “Hot off the Press” Event for In the Meantime

2014 April 24-26 “Rethinking Globalization and Questions of Scale,” North Carolina State University, “The Wait of the World: A Critical Temporality.”

2014 April 19 Bluestockings Bookstore, Reading for in The Meantime, New York City

2014 April 18 “Social Media/Psychosocial Wellbeing Symposium,” Rutgers University “E-Wasting Time in an Economy of Useless Pursuits.”

2014 April 10 “University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication Colloquium,” Book Talk for In the Meantime

2014 March 21-22 “ASPECT Conference,” Virginia-Tech University, Keynote Speaker “The Inhabitants of Time”

2014 February 28 The Regulator Bookshop Durham, NC, Book Talk for In the Meantime

2014 February 25 WUNC THE STATE OF THINGS Radio Interview, Do Taxi Drivers Experience Time Differently Than Business Travelers? Or Yoga Instructors?

2013 September 21-22 Institute for Globalization and the Human Condition, McMaster University “Time and Globalization Working Group.”

2013 Feb 8 Geography Symposium, UNC-Chapel Hill “Time, Precarity and the Nights of Occupy”

2012 April 27 Intersections: Occupations, York University Keynote Speaker “Because the Night Belongs to Lovers: Occupy in the Time of Precarity.”

2009 September 25 “Materializing Communication and Rhetoric: Technologies, Infrastructures, and Flows,” North Carolina State University, “It Changes Space and Time! Introducing Power-Chronography: A new theory for the times.

2008 October 28 NC Energy Symposium Energy and Social Innovation Panelist “The Slow Life: The Politics of Sustainable Time.”

2007 November 16 University of Chicago Mass Culture Working Group “Taxis as Media.”

2006 December 14 North Carolina State University Department of Communication Colloquium, “Slow Lifers@home in a world of Speed.”


December 16 2016 “Sexodus and Refusal: The problem with male disposability” Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Sydney Australia

October 14 2016 The Powered Up Medium (organizer and chair), The Toronto School Conference, Toronto

Respondent: Future Imaginaries and the Temporality of the Immediate, Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Paris, 2012

Presenter: The Remote Assistant: Laboring in the Temporal Order, National Communication Association, New Orleans, 2011

Presenter:  Recalibration at the Corporation: Dharma at the Desk, National Communication Association, San Francisco, 2010

Presenter: Jet Lagged Bodies and the Labor of Being in Time and Panel Chair:  Mediating Affective LaborNational Communication Association, San Diego, November 21-24, 2008

Presenter: Mobile Interrogations of Brown:  Taxi Cab Conjunctures Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Kingston, Jamaica July 2-9, 2008

Roundtable Participant Women and Access November 15-18, 2007 National Communication Association, Chicago

Roundtable Participant on Reconstructing the Popular November 15-18, 2007 National Communication Association, Chicago

Presenter: Medium, Messages, and the Taxi:  Enacting a Public on the Road November 16-19, 2006 National Communication Association, San Antonio, Texas

Roundtable Participant:  Technologies of Transport and Communication, October 26-29, 2006 Flow Conference in Television:  Television and Media Studies Conference, Austin, Texas

Presenter: Communication and Time:  Citing Irreconcilable Differences and their Biopolitical FutureInternational Communications Association, Dresden, Germany, June 20-23, 2006

Presenter: Strategies of Slowness:  Between a Communicative Ideal and a Productive Body International Communications Association, Dresden, Germany, June 20-23, 2006

Presenter: The Best Western:  Dirty Pretty Things in the Terminal International Communication Association, New York City May 26-30, 2005

Presenter: Slowly Crashing Fast:  A Political Intervention in the Stories of Speed The Dromocratic Condition:  Contemporary Cultures of Acceleration, University of Newcastle, England   March 12-13,2005

Presenter: The Rhythm of the Political in the Space of Speed, Crossroads in Cultural Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign June 25-28, 2004

Presenter: The ‘Non-Place” and the Everyday:  Moving Beyond the Theoretical Spectacle  Intersections: Bridging Boundaries in Contemporary Thought in Communication and Culture, Ryerson University, Toronto March 13-14, 2003