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Technologies of Space and Time

This course examines the relationship between technology and the social experience of space and time. In this course we will consider:

1. How technologies intersect with and produce the built environment (which includes the virtual networks, mediated spectacles, traffic and transit) in the city spaces in which we dwell and
2. How technologies intersect with and alter the rhythm, tempo, and pace of life in the city. We will pay particular attention to how technologies in the city are tied to different power dynamics and how inequality is also experienced in spatial and temporal terms.

The course is uniquely bookended with a focus on the city of Toronto. We will begin with seminal readings from the Toronto School theorists of media and communication before moving on to other critical theorists of technology, space, and time. The course culminates in a project oriented around a specific site within the city of Toronto. The course is offered in the former thinking space of one of the world’s most pre-eminent scholars of media, Marshall McLuhan.


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